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Hey there! And welcome to our website!

We are family owned and operated, and our dogs are our family pets! I grew up breeding Labs, and when we first talked about breeding dogs, I asked my husband if there were any other breeds of dog that he would rather raise. He said "Nope! Labs are the best!" 

And they truly are! Our girls love our baby, they sleep in the house with us, and truly are the most amazing dogs.


Our Labs are a blend of English and American Labs, and we do that on purpose. We want the athleticism of the American, as well as the love of water and retrieving that the American Lab contributes. But at the same time, we want the laid back temperament, and the stockier build of the English Lab. To us, a mix of the two is the perfect combination!


All of our Labs are AKC registered, and have their hips and elbows certified with OFA. We do offer a health guarantee with our pups, and they will come to you with dewclaws removed and vaccinations current. 

We love our dogs so much, and are excited to share them with you! Make sure to check out our Current Puppies page to see the most recent litter, and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

David & Lisa

Tin Star Labradors ♥

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